The Mystery of the True Heart was an old American Girl Game based on Felicity, Samantha, Kit, and Molly. In the game there were different mini games based on the four girls were the object was to find a heart shaped gem and a password. Once all of the games were completed, the passwords could be used to find about in which major city the True Heart could be found today after making pairs of three on a grid.

The Felicity game was called The Purloined Jewel. In the game, the object was to place oddly shaped blocks on a wagon to try to fill up the wagon without leaving spaces. Each time the wagon was full, a piece of a map was earned. Once all of the map pieces were earned, the map could be put together and Felicity would figure out where the True Heart was located.

The Samantha game was called The Missing Heart. In the game, the object was to make chains of the same colored gems. If the chain was long enough, then a diamond would appear. After all of the diamonds were recovered, they formed a necklace. Then there were pieces of a heart for Samantha to put together. Once that was done, then the True Heart was recovered.

The Kit game was called The Mystery at the Museum. In the game, the object was to help Kit go through a museum at night by helping her find a key and a locked door. To move her, blocked with the same color and symbol had to be removed. After Kit makes it out of all of the rooms, she has to solve a riddle to discover were the True Heart was hidden.

The Molly games was called The Hollywood Gem. In the game, the object was to study a room and the when the curtain was down, to be able to click were a stolen item had been located. After all of the stolen items were discovered, there was a list of four suspects. Each suspect had a fact about them that would suggest why they did not steal one of the items, except the guilty one who had stolen the True Heart.